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I only write my words of wisdom page, when I feel the urge to write, as I feel that it is of a higher inspiration, and do not just sit down and write for the sake of writing.
So please keep in touch, as you never know when I will get the urge to write something, and I know it will be good when I do.
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Today’s message, September, 08, 2014

You know there is a saying,” It is better too have loved and lost then never too have loved at all”. As I reflect on this saying I feel that it is very true or at least my truth. I have loved deeply, and I have been loved in return. I have lost at love greatly and have had to walk away from love. Yes there were times that I was bitter, and numb, but have learned in life that if you take that love and put it into the next love you learn to give more of yourself. That was a very hard lesson for me too learn, I now feel that I have learned from each love that I encountered and that it gave me something special to take down the road with me, as my heavenly Father has always picked me up, set me back on my feet and pushed me in a new direction. Yes sometimes the lessons have been very hard, but I realized that I will never give up on love, and it has never given up on me. True love and not lust, is patient, kind, forgiving, and truly unconditionally in your heart, as it sees the flaws and loves anyway, it sees the imperfection in yourself and others and continues to love anyway. To love so deeply as this and then too lose that love rather it be through death or love that has died in one or the other is very hard too come back from, but if you take that love and put the lessons learned into another love you will continue to love and be loved in return. No greater gift has been given to humans then to love and not expect love in return, for even if our hearts be broken in a million pieces, it is love that will mend it again. Do not ever be afraid too love again, as it is the healing force that we need too get back on the road too love and being loved.
By Lynda Hartley 2014

Today’s message, May, 04, 2013

Children, seek not the influence of another human being, but seek the influence of your own heart. For here is where the kingdom of heaven resides. According to the conditions of the world today, man wishes to rule that world, so in following any man or woman, whose only desire is to rule over another human being you are not following the love in your heart or the kingdom within but their desires to rule. Always follow the love that is within your heart, for within your very soul is where love resides  and God lives.

By Lynda Hartley

Today’s message, Aug. 26th 2012

Follow your hearts desire, and not that of another’s desire, be good to yourself always, and forgive easily for everything that you may think or do that is of a negative nature, weigh your thoughts like you would weigh an ounce of gold, the more positive the more it is worth.

Seek not to boast, but to humbly know that you are good at what you do, seek not perfection, but know that you are already perfection, give your very best, and be satisfied as to the outcome one way or the other, if you can improve on it then by all means do so the next time you tackle a job of this nature.

Understanding the self is the highest aim for anyone, be confident in what you do, and believe that you are the best one to do this particular job, always strive to give 100% never asking for more then what you deserve.  In this is meant if you give 50% do not expect a 100% return.

To forgive ones mistakes does not mean that you will trust, or even like this person again, it does mean to give them the respect of being themselves at the time they are in the moment, and once forgiven do not visit this place again, move on in your life, and continue to forgive those who are not of  equal mind or knowledge, they too will grow in due time, so forgive easily and let the law of Karma take care of the rest, as it is even more just then you would have been.

A medley of wisdom from The Twins:

by Lynda Hartley Aug. 26, 2012

Today’s message, Feb. 20th 2012

The Secret

“You cannot criticize or blame or complain when you are in Joy. You cannot be afraid when you are in Joy. You cannot speak negatively when you are in Joy. You cannot harm another when you are in Joy. Negativity cannot reach you when you are in Joy. When you are in Joy you are compassionate. When you are in Joy you are considerate and caring. When you are in Joy you love others. When you are in Joy you appreciate everything. When you are in Joy you are in love with the world, and the Universe is in love with you. Be in Joy. Seek it with all of your heart, and you will find it. From the Secret Scrolls by Rhonda Byrne

Today’s message Jan 16th 2012

Children of this Earth, I have been seeing so much rudeness, name calling and just plain down right childishness from many who think themselves to be adults. Facebook has turned into a free- for- all, in this area. Why is it, that when other’s  have a different opinion then we, we call them names, or worse.  They accuse people of cheating in the games there, but to use a game helper is not cheating,  It is only collecting the game pieces that they have missed during the day. So some have taken it upon themselves to slip into their child behavior and accuse, name call, and start an all out war with folks.  This really makes me sad, to see grown adults acting like little children instead of keeping their own opinions and morals and values to themselves, not everyone was raised the way they were,  and unless that person walks a mile or so in another persons shoes they have no idea why that person may need help with their game or any other thing in life.

When will people learn that to push your opinions beliefs, values, morals or such onto others is being nothing more then a dictator and a bully. If you are of such high moral or values, then please  keep them to yourselves and then let your light shine out to other’s as trying to improve other’s by example not by name calling and such rudeness that it takes your high values you hold of yourself and tosses them right down in the dirt.

Do you really believe you are going to change other’s beliefs by acting in a childish behavior?  Try living your life by example and good behavior, and let other’s make up their own minds as to how they want to live.  By doing it this way you will influence more people by them wanting those qualities that you are putting forth. Never will a bad behavior change another’s behavior for the better. All this does is touch off  in them their own childishness and then the dance of anger and outrage begins.

I have lived my life laying down what I call happy tracks, giving to others a space to leave others happy tracks, and trust me they do come back to you when needed. For example:  While driving I always let others cut in front of me, and when I need to get into a place it has always been provided for me. Saying thank you, and asking please always comes back as respect and kindness sooner or later,  and if you fail at helping 10 maybe you were only supposed to help one out of the 10, but do not give up on being kind because 9 others blew you off.

I see so much anger, rudeness, and people who are trying to dictate to others here in this cyber world that I wonder how these people are hurting inside to display such childishness, what could really be going on with them?  How have they been raised?  Can I help them re-parent themselves to make them more comfortable in life?  What is it that I can do for my neighbor that I would like to have done to me?  Is there anything I can really do to help change this world, or has this world that I live in just plain gone to Hell.

Lynda Hartley  2012.

Today’s little message. Nov. 20th, 2011

May the wisdom in your mind be welcomed, and the smile on your face give hope to many,

May the shine in your eye send forth a light unto the world, and may you find peace in your hearts.

by Lynda Hartley 2012

Today’s message  Oct. 30th, 2011

Hope you all had a spooktacular day.

The time is at hand to go within and change all that you do not like about yourself, sit for a few minutes and look deep into your soul, is there something that bothers you about yourself?  Do you think you would feel better doing something else with your life, then by all means do it.

Do you feel like life is passing you by, and you just have not been able to do all the things that you have wanted to do because of work, home, school?  Do what you love, for now is the time, in the moment that is, that is all you really have, so what ever it is you really want to do,  do it now.

Take a chance on life, and then let it take a chance on you, this may surprise many of you, but work, worry, striving to get ahead, all takes it’s toll on the one thing you want most, and that is to, laugh, love, and live to the fullest.

Who said that you could not do something that you really wanted to do?  Will you be brave enough to not listen to them, and instead listen to your own heart. Yes, you may make mistakes, or have things not turn out the way you expected them too. But, I Guarantee you won’t regret it.  If it is what you really want to do. We live in a world of fear, and can not seem to give up the idea that we will do the things we want to do sometime in the future when it seems safer, or easier, or can save enough for it, or finish raising our families.

If you really feel the urge to do something that is inspiring, like write a book, sing a song, take a journey, or what ever it is you secretly wish for then think about just letting go and take that first step that says I CAN. Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t.  They don’t know, as they have not been where you are, they do not have the same dreams and wishes that you do. so do not let them tell you how to live YOUR  life.

Remember the time is NOW, live today, and let tomorrow take care of itself. Sometimes living on the edge is a good thing, and sometimes not. You have to decide what it is that you are looking for in life, then live it.  We are free to be what ever we so desire to become, all you have to do is be willing to let go and do it. Yes, it is scary, yes, it has sometimes a sacrifice attached to it. and yes, sometimes it just plain don’t work out.   The main thing here is that you tried, you gave it your best shot, and please do not give up just short of the goal…..always keep going till the bitter end and when you know for sure you can go no further down this road.

Far to many have given up just short of the prize, they did not give it that one last push, that one last idea,  that one last hurrah.  Folks, remember this, “if it is to be it is up to me”.  No one person can make you happy, no one person can give you the love you need to give yourself, no one person can give you what you truly want. Only you can do that, see what it is you want, take a look deep inside, then know that you are the one who CAN make it happen.

by Lynda Hartley   2011

Quote by: Johnsen, William H.

Today’s message  July, 26, 2011

Ok, I have been hearing all the stories about the Government taking the Social Security away from the old folks, they say there is no more money for them, what the heck  happened to it?  These people have been paying into this fund for over 40 years, so where did all that money go?  Well, we see the Government employees have gotten raises in  unheard of proportions, they pay $ 2000 for a toilet seat, they give billions away to other countries, instead of helping their own people.

Hmmm, seems to me the Government does not know how to run the Government according to the people it is supposed to serve. Seems to me it has become a self serving Government.  So just what do all them employees who get  $175 thousand a year do?  and wow, the President now gets $ 400 thousand a year,  and some get $250 thousand a year for what?  They answer phones for the people,  do they really do much else?  Has anyone ever investigated to find out just what their money is paying for?

Us old folks worked hard all our lives to pay into this supposedly wonderful fund that was going to help us when we got to old to work,  well, I guess I am one of the lucky ones as I had to go on disability at an early age, so at least I got mine back out of the system before it goes down. I can not believe what I am hearing.  When is the people going to stand up and say enough is enough?

Ok, so now we have the old folks getting the boot.  well, it seems to me the old folks should band together and decide to take back their lives.   We need to find folks that have lots of land they are no longer using or working as they have aged and now are retired,  and start a whole new old folks community, where the folks can use a barter system to get things done and to help each other out, build a new old folks town,  where they can just use bartering to get what they need from within the old folks community all around the Nation.   Take the money out of the hands of  those who abuse it.  Sure we may have to start out in tents, hey they are kicking us to the curb anyway, so why not invest in a tent now before it is to late.

Each little community that springs up could have a little banking system to hold real money to buy the materials they can not get otherwise, to reinvest in the community.  We all have some kind of talents, and we all can get out there and help others, build, eat, grow things, etc…. Take care of each other, it sure seems like the younger ones are not going to do it for us.  Whet the hell have we got to lose,  we have one foot on a banana peal, and the other in the grave.  We might as well go out in style, before they kill us off doing it their way.

I think the younger generation has forgotten just who paved the way for all their easy going lives today, we were the ones out there doing and getting things done, we the old folks are the ones who set everything into motion to get what they have today,  they miss handled our funds and now say, sorry, but you have to become homeless, so we can have what you built for us to enjoy, while you go hungry and live on the streets.  Hmmm, does that seem like it is the correct thing to do to the ones who built this country up and sweated, and gave their lives, and blood to have a free America??

Well, I don’t think it is, and as long as I still have a breath left in this body, I will speak out for the people and ask them gently to WAKE UP and smell the coffee.  Wow, what is it going to take to get folks calling a spade a spade.  We are the people, what happened to that?????

by Lynda Hartley 2011

Today’s message 2011

We live this illusion we call life, through rose colored glasses, we think all is well around us, but fail to look beyond at the whole world as one ball that we all live on. We share in this illusion by tuning our heads the other way as people are being left to rot and starve, and no one seems to care if they are warm, full, have medical care, or clothes or a place to live in. They look at their actions and deem that they are not good enough for our help, they say they are too lazy to receive the good that they have a God given right too.

People, the hand of God does not just fall on the wealthy, and famous, and the holier then thou people of this Earth, but on every soul…the universe gives back what you put out there to receive, the flow, is two ways always, give and get, help and be helped, friend someone and be friend-ed back, love and be loved back. people life is not a one way street, but the flow is always in and out, ebb and tide, one coming in the other going out, if you stop the flow, sooner or later it will stop coming to you. In order to receive one must be willing to give, to give one must be willing to receive.  Simple rule of thumb.

We are all made of the same materials, Flesh, bone, muscle, and blood.  We eat, drink, marry, give birth, and die.  There are no exceptions to this rule. No matter if you are rich, poor, of color, or not educated, it all is the same, and it matters what we give to get, we all need food, shelter, warmth, and love. Strip your clothes off, and we are the same, made up of flesh, bone, muscle, and blood. men look like men, women look like women, but, yet the same somehow. hmmm, yes, we both have flesh, bone, muscle and blood, Ahhh, but the man is made to plug into the woman, to become one with her, and to have offspring’s to carry on the human race. No where does it say in the flow of life that one was made to be superior, or for one to rule the other.

Again, it has been assumed that man be superior because he had more ribs, well folks hate to break it to you, but, man and woman have the very same amount of ribs, yep, 12 each, now could it be that what God did was make woman to stand beside man, equally, as taken from his side, and not to be in front of or behind. hum, the later can not be proven, but the ribs can. Ahhh, once again there is light in truth. We should all become truth seekers, and not just sheepel following what other’s tell us to be fact when in fact, we need to find the truth for ourselves, before just taking things that are said as fact with out question.

Children are taught from the teaching of the parents, teachers, and clergy, but all these people have been taught by their parents, teachers, and clergy. and unless someone steps up and says hell no, this is not how life is supposed to be and does something to change the continuance of this flow, then they remain the same teaching what they have been taught. No one seems to question the upbringing of the parents, teachers, or clergy, they don’t look beyond the label, they just assume these people know what they are talking about, after all they are parents, teachers, and clergy.  Who said they were right?

Young children do not yet know how to question, they take literally what they are told to be true, yet sometimes they know, that something just don’t seem right, but Alas, they never challenge the parents, teachers, or clergy to find the truth for themselves until later in life, then most of the time it is too late for them to recognize the truth that as a child they felt way down inside to be not true for them….is this really how we expect to change the world, by allowing our children to accept wrong teachings from people who do not know the truth for themselves even. The ones who are unwilling to break the circle of wrong ideas, wrong upbringings and wrong values, to step out and make a difference in not only their own lives, but the lives of their children.

To sum up today’s message, it is clear, that unless we as people, human beings, parents, teachers, clergy, and young folks, are not willing to make the difference and become 100% responsible for our own input, and output, then do not complain about how your life is going, only you have the power to change what you do not like about your life and then to help other’s do the same.

Take a real good look at how your parents were brought up, is this really what you want for your life?  Take a look at your teachers life and background, is this really what we want our children to learn?  Take a real good look at the clergy in your life, are they what they really seem to be, and are they teaching you the right God given word, or words that they want you to hear for their own self profits….. People do not be blinded by the wrong teachings of other’s, when you yourself can go and find the truth that you seek, and most of it begins within you, that nagging little feeling that says something just ain’t right…….

By, Lynda Hartley   2011

Today’s message

In the year 2011 man has not yet understood that the very thing he fears he has brought on himself, the Earth has given him much, but he keeps taking and putting nothing back in return. The very oil that they think of as such a great thing to have is being reaped daily from the very Earth that needs this oil to stay healthy and moving in a smooth cycle. The oil as with any engine, needs to lubricate and keep running smoothly the plates that move under this Earth. And as with any engine, when man takes it out and puts nothing in return the plates become dry and then shake as in your Earth Quakes. You have many other alternatives to the energy solution, but fail to let it take hold and become greater then the oil that Earth needs to stay in good health.

Your failures in learning such simple things in this life has and will continue to cause you much pain and misunderstanding, You let your Government take and secure lands that could and should house many people, and cut down the very rain forests that keep your planet healthy in the very air you breath. In your greed to own something that never was meant to be owned you have failed to live by simple rules of nature.

This year is a year that will see much death and rejuvenation as it is a thirteen over four year, this will bring much personal death, but it will also bring new birth, as death may only mean a change in the personal way you live your life.   Transformation is the meaning of this 13/4 number.  Rather it be though death of the human body, or death of a past habit, or way of living.

As the Earth also goes through this death or rejuvenation you will see much  in the way of weather changes and Earth changes.  This is Earth trying to regain her balance and equilibrium as it shakes off the old and prepares for the new.  So hold on to your hats this year as it will shake things up for sure,  not only in your personal lives but in the very Earth you live on.

by Lynda Hartley 2011

A message from God

I have never left you my children, although you have turned from me, in your fear that you have taken as your own,  you run and hide from fear of me, and this was never to be. Trust is the way, to stand fast and listen, to trust in what I am saying to you, to know that I am there guiding you along your journey.  This was not to be in the first place to hide, to run, to fear me.  This was a bad translation to your bible, and has set a huge misunderstanding into motion that will take many life times to correct.  I am not to be feared, but to be loved, as I have loved you, and cared for you, and carry you when needed.  Does a man listen to the one he fears, or does he run away and hide from him trying to get away without being punished or scolded.  I tell you, I am not here to punish you, not to scold you, only to love you.  You do enough of that on your own, it is you whom you should fear, as it is you who punish yourselves, and who can not seem to trust in your own abilities, you are like the shining stars, in the heavens above you, you only need to believe in yourself to make this happen for you, stop running away and hiding, take hold of yourself and step forward into your destiny.

Let go of the fear that keeps you chained and bound.  Have I not told you that I would not forsake you?  Then why do you forsake me by not believing in all things of the spirit, the power in love is in spirit, the feeling you get in your heart chakra that feels all warm and full. Life is to be simple, unconditional, and uplifting.  Love yourself first, do not say you love me, and am not able to love yourselves first. Let this love of self flow outward to all others, as it is in the flow that all things are possible. Be still my child, and know that I am God, within you and without, as two or more are gathered there I am also, we are one and the same.  Look upon all life as an energy that flows in and out like a breath of air that fills the lungs and continues your life force, all living things are one with this energy. Love yourself as I love you, feel me in your heart stirring you to action.  Step forward, be brave, give to one another the energy that makes all living things a part of me.   I AM LOVE FEEL ME.  I AM LIFE FLOW WITH ME.  I AM ENERGY ACCEPT ME.

by Lynda Hartley 2011

The reality of Angels

Some folks laugh when I talk about my Angels, however, they are my reality. I work with the Archangel Raphael in my healing work and he is very real, and very polite, and a very good teacher. He is also very large, and would scare most folks. but then most of the Angels are large. He calls me child, as does God when they talk to me, once in a while they will call me by my name, rare, but very nice when they do. That is when they need to get my attention very quickly or need to scold me for something I am doing or thinking. I have been an empath all my life, and use telepathic communication regularly. I have only started talking and listening to God however, in the last 5 years, guess you could say, he has tried many times, but I was just to stubborn to hear Him before now. As I look back over my life I know this to be true. I have many guides who help and guide me along the way, them too, I put on a back burner for many years, and would not recognize them as they talked with me. The three I now talk with and interact with are Donovan, Athena, and Aerial. Yes, there are others, and many Angels too.

I do need to sit down with them and take down all their names one day. ( Just me being lazy. )

Please, children of God, yes, we are all children of God, the one true source, we are one with that source, and therefore one with each other. We have the right to choose, so some folks chose to belong to another source, we won’t mention any names here, but you all know, and yes he too is a child of God, the one. You could look at it this way, one being totally positive, one being negative, takes both to make the energy work. You get to choose if you want to live in a positive world, or a negative world, one being happy, the other being miserable. Up to you really.

You can spend your whole life time refusing to believe in or recognize the reality of the Angelic and spiritual world, but, you can not deny for long if you are honest with yourself, that there is just something you can not quite put your finger on, going on around you at times. Yes, the small voice, the little miracles, the miracle healing’s the seemingly small wonders that happen to you that you just can not explain. Well, if you would but open your eyes, your heart, and your ears, you too would get to know the greater source that is available to us all. What is it that was said, Ahhh, but to have the faith of a little child. Hmm, to believe and not question. Wow, now would not that be what all the reality, really is. Just to believe in this moment of time with all your heart. Childlike bliss for sure.

by Lynda Hartley 2011

Gone but not forgotten

A child is born, and as it begins to grow we see it do all sorts of things we do not understand as adults, we see it giggle at unseen beings, we watch it as it breaks out in laughter for no apparent reason, as if an unseen being was tickling it. When it gets to be about 2 or 3 and starts talking, we hear stories of people or places that this child should know nothing about or so it seems, they may even call you grandma or grandpa, or by another name, and insist this is who you are. They may refer to their parents as siblings, or to siblings as parents. Once the child gets to be about 4 these things get to be less and less, mostly because parents tell them that it is not so. Their imaginary friends, are told to them that they are not real and they are making nonsense with their ramblings. Well by the time this child enters school the musings are gone, but, are they really forgotten?

Any parent who truly listens to their child will tell you this sort of stuff goes on all the time in a very young child, but they deem it as just their imaginations and make excuses as to why the child is acting or talking like they do. Did you as a parent ever wonder about all the strange things that happen to a child as it is growing up? Did you ever think to stop and question the child or write down what the child is saying and then investigate to see if any of what they are saying can be proven to be right, I think the answer to that question is a big NO.

The Bible states that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is within, and to be still and KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Have you ever really wondered about those two statements? As we grow, the unseen world is brought into the physical for the child as it has been told now that what they see and hear is nothing more then their own imaginations, so the child excepts this from their parents, siblings, teachers, and so on and so forth, and puts away the silliness of it’s musings. However, is it really put away and forgotten? As we grow up, little things may happen to make us wonder about our spiritual life, but still we refuse to go within and seek the truth. Sometime though a crisis may happen to make us wonder once again about the unseen world and the sometimes whispers we hear.

The stories are abundant about strange things that happen to people, the NDE, the sightings of dead relatives, the miracles, and the voices that one hears, to avoid an accident, where do you suppose they come from? So many people have reported that in an instance their lives were changed by things they just could not explain, but still we do not ask questions or go within for answers.

Could it be that as we grow, we stuff away the truth, and turn our back on the very thing we are suppose to remember? Is it not possible that what a small child sees, and hears, may be more real then what we as adults imagine? The Bible also stats that ” A SMALL CHILD WE LEAD YOU” maybe if we as adults would put away our fears, and listen to that small voice that is within us we would get the answers we seek. Do we as adults really ever go on the quest for truth that will guide us, and lead us or do we just follow the status quo, and walk around in a daze of nothingness?

Could it be that the answers we seek, are all still within us to find, that they may be gone from the mind, but still in our hearts in the very being of our soul, in the fragments of thought and wonder, that we imagine that these can not be or that we do not have access to such wonders as human beings.

Who are you really? Are you a human being trying to have a spiritual relationship with God, or a spiritual being having a human relationship with God? I myself choose the later. How about you? Will you continue to not understand, or will you begin to seek the truth from within your very being? Is it true that the spiritual, the miracles, the unseen, the mysteries do not exist, or are we existing in a world of fear that they just might be true. Yes the simple things that we seek is but only a short trip within, and they are not forgotten by the person who truly wants to know.

by Lynda Hartley.2010

Fear or Trust in God

I hear so much about the fear of God, people say Jesus is coming or God is coming and they fear him, this I just do not understand.
How can someone who loves you unconditionally cause you fear, how can someone who forgives, and has already saved you by coming down here
and dying for you cause you fear, and how can someone who, only wants the best interest for you cause you fear? We are not saved by works, or deeds, or anything, but by the grace of God whom already died once to save your ass. So why do you fear him? People should be rejoicing in the fact that he is coming back someday. Not spreading fear and contempt for a loving and forgiving God. He says ” The kingdom of Heaven is within all who seek it” most are too afraid to go within and take a good look around, the fear they really feel is the fear of themselves.

There is nothing more enjoyable then to take a good trip inside yourself, rid yourself of the hate, un-forgiveness, and unloving ways. Yes, it takes a little work, and much tears sometimes, but the end result is well worth the trip. Why do people keep hanging him on the cross, and making him die over and over again, once was enough. All you have to do is ask him to come into your life, nothing more nothing less, just ask, and then TRUST HIM, to do what is best for you, so very simple, oh, yes, you will have to listen, as he will guide you, and talk with you if you just believe. Enough said…….. Trust not Fear is the positive and loving way, Fear not trust is the negative way, You choose the way you want to live. + or –

by Lynda Hartley.2010

Love yourself first

All is vanity, so as the story goes, not true.

To love oneself first is a must, you see, if we do not love ourselves first, than how can we expect anyone else to love us.  People mimic each other, if you are full of hate this is what you project out to the world, and then it is what comes back to you. Your words, actions, even your thoughts are taking roots, this is what you give the world as to how you want to be treated, if you give nothing but vile, hurtful, mean, words and thoughts, then the world will give back to you the very thing you produce. For example:  If you only speak in words that are harmful like calling people names, or saying bad things about them, or cussing at them, then this is what you will receive back, sooner or later, the old saying what goes around comes around is very true. We are all 100% responsible for our own selves, it is no ones fault but your own as to how this comes back to you, it may take days, months or even years, but it will come back. First you have to clean up your own backyard so to speak, once you decide to start having loving, caring, nurturing words and thoughts then and only then will you see the change start to come your way.

You have to put it out there in order to get it back, I call them happy tracks. So how do you learn to love yourself first, you might ask yourself what kind of words do you use, what kind of thoughts are you really having?  How do you treat yourself, with kind loving thoughts, or words of belittlement, like I’m not good enough, good enough for who?  or I’m to fat, short, tall, heavy, ugly, skinny, etc.. every word you speak rather to one’s own self or other’s is being processed in your brain, and the brain just can not take a joke, it will give to you exactly what you are telling it to give to you. If you want your world to change, then you must change your inner thinking process. Want love, then speak it, want joy, then give it, want hope then live it, want happiness, then share yours, but if you want greed then give it, want negative energy flown back at you, then by all means give it out, want hate in your life, then think it, want lack in your life then think it, ex: I don’t have enough, not enough time, not enough money, not enough smarts, not enough patience, then you are right, this is what you will get for sure.

Every time you tell yourself that you are not, good enough, smart enough, pretty/handsome enough, then yep, you are right, and your brain will give you what you want.  So what kind of world do you want to live in, you and only you can decide that question. Yes, it will take time for you to make the leap from the world you live in now, to the new world you create with every thought, deed, and words. Do you want a world full of joy, peace, forgiveness, love, happiness, or a world full of hate, meanness, vile, upheaval, terror, anger, feelings of  hopelessness, then watch how you yourself are thinking, what words do you use, what actions do you take.

Do you want to be a co-creator of a new world within you, or do you just want to be a sheepal and follow the flock to your own undoing?   It is your choice, you decide, how are you going to make your world a better place for you?   The world that is within yourself is ready for the builder, will you create a beautiful world or are you satisfied with the world you live in now? Want love, then by all means love yourself first.

By Lynda Hartley.2010


To communicate with God

Some people think it is very hard to talk to God, however, it is really very simple, just talk to him like you would a friend, spouse, family member. The thing that you have to do is wait for a minute and let him talk back to you, yes, he really will talk back to you if you listen, not in a big booming voice, but in your own voice, and sometimes in a voice that is so sweet and soft it almost makes you want to cry.

The only time you will hear a loud voice is when you are in danger, and then boy/girl you better listen and do what is says NOW, do not hesitate or you could be in big trouble or dead.  Yes, I talk to God, and my Angels, and my Guides. Simply, softly, and I know the difference between the three. If you but listen to their language, you will know them too, as they will not sound just like you talk, they may call you child, or by your name, or sound like the old biblical language.  When you say your prayers at night, wait for an answer, it will come if there is one, you won’t have to wait long.  If you hear nothing then they are not going to answer at this time, but will sooner or later, so always be on the listen for them, in your own head, in the voices of others, or in music. Keep your questions in mind, so that you know the answer when it comes.

To speak to God is simple, he is not complicated, but a dear friend who loves you very much, and knows what you have need of.  You may not like it, but then, we sometimes don’t know what is good for us, and can’t seem to get our wants out of the way to receive the good that is ours.  Yes, you too can speak to God, but to hear him, you have to LISTEN for the answer.

By Lynda Hartley.2010

To love and be loved

To love is to give your heart, soul, and mind to the one you love, to feel them always in your heart, to hear them in your mind, and to walk with them in the spirit. This is true love at it’s max, to be loved is the same, you except them as they are, you keep your thoughts only on them, and not the hunk down the street. True love is forgiving, unconditional, and ever growing. You laugh together, cry together, share your dreams, and expectations, your hurts, your sorrows. and your gifts that God has so graciously given to you, to share with all. This includes your talents, charisma, personality, and wisdom. You become one with the one you love, you know each other inside and out. Their are no more secrets with this kind of love and no need to be. For true love is open, shared, truthful, and above all sacred.

By Lynda Hartley.2010


Time, is something that we all have but are so very hard core about giving, we will give many things to many people but time is not one that we want to share freely. A child only wants time to spend with their parents and loved ones, and are so often pushed aside and told to go play. A moment of time can make or break a child if given, time can build up this child’s confidence, if withheld can tear down it’s sense of self. To a child time is love, give it freely and the child grows strong and knows that it is loved, withhold it and the child learns to withdraw from the world and learns there is no time for love. The one gift we can give to our children does not cost anything,  So give them your TIME.

By Lynda Hartley.2010

A heart that loves

Love knows no bounds, and the ones who try outside the box is very special, for their hearts are not clouded by mere mass belief. But an inner calling from a much higher source. Love is beautiful no matter who it falls upon. If only for a moment in time it sits in a heart then that heart has at least known love when many others have not in their narrow minded thoughts.

By Lynda Hartley.2010

The word

In the beginning there was the word, and from this word came life as we know it, the words were good and God given, and the creation began.  From our words we create as we are co-creators with the divine.  Your words can heal the saddest heart, or can break a heart in two. Our words teach the young how to grow into what they will become, taught with kind words and they grow into kind people, taught with angry words and they grow into angry people.  Every word we speak no matter from our mouth or from our heart can bring much joy and gladness, or can bring much turmoil and grief to the soul.  With our words we can build up, or we can tear down, you have to make the choice as to what kinds of words you will speak today and everyday of your life.  For what we speak out, comes back to us in one way or the other, so depending how you speak from your mouth or from your heart builds your future. What kind of life do you want to live?  You make the decision with your words,  and then you live it.  If you make a good choice then you live a good life, however, if you make the wrong choice, you live a measurable life.  Only you can make this choice.

By Lynda Hartley.2010

A Dream

A dream is but a wish the heart makes,  when we wish for something to come true, we fail to look at our dreams to see how we can make it happen, we fail to listen to that small voice inside telling us how to go about it.  We fail to understand the universe and all the gifts that we have been given to make it happen, so we just tell ourselves that the dream is lost.  If you learn to walk in both worlds, the seen and the unseen, you can learn to make all your dreams come true for you right now, as you can have anything you want and desire in the unseen world all you have to have is a good imagination a willingness to enjoy the trip and the courage to let it happen, go anywhere have anything, make it happen and the cost is free.

By Lynda Hartley.2010

The world as I see it

People complain, give blame, say it is not fair how the world is treating them, but they fail to see that what they put out they get back 10 fold. People stop your complaining, don’ blame other’s for what you yourself do, you are 100% responsible for your own happiness, and if you do even the slightest thing to another it does come back to you. Want kind words spoke to you, then speak them, want joy then give it, want love then give it, for how a man thinkith in his heart so is he. Lay down happy tracks, and they come back to you 10 fold, give someone a helping hand, let a car get in front of you, we only need to give to receive. If you give not, you get not. So stop complaining about your miserable life and get out there and do something about it., you are the only one who can change it.

By Lynda Hartley.2010

True Love

In today’s world many don’t know what it is like to truly love someone, to feel their heart beating with yours, to feel their fears, their tears, their anger, so many do not know the joy of having someone to come and talk to you in the spirit, or give you kisses or lay with you while you rest. The kingdom of heaven is truly inside each and everyone one of you all you have to do is ask, then believe, become one with the one you love and all this is added onto you, I believe in Miracles do you?

By Lynda Hartley.2010

Lynda Hartley singing the gospel song below:
They Can Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart

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