Poetry By Lynda Hartley



Time has slipped away but still I wait in this flesh
Body for your return my spirit is with you always laughing loving enjoying the beauty Within you as our spirits intertwine and soar far out to the edge once more
A kinder gentler love you are, my life my love my everything take me too your star
Our spirits know the past lives we had and now we join once more in this world of Woe too wait til the time is right for us we are one in love and spirit married by The most high we wait until tomorrow.

by Lynda Hartley 2016

Hang loose.

Hang loose he cried and wait for me

I will I said as there is nothing left for me but wait and see

The days months go by and I hear nothing now my heart cries what is too be

The love inside is deep within me waiting and waiting but alas has his love for me gone out to sea

A time gone by you could not part us now he is silent without a word a thought or deed what is too be

Hang loose he cried and wait for me the time is not yet for us too be.

By Lynda Hartley  2015

 A new dawning.

My heart cries my body weeps the hurt I feel is so deep

A new dawning in my brain gone is the peace I just can’t sleep

What I once thought was mine too keep

Is gone now no love only silence no hope only pain and so my body weeps

by Lynda Hartley 2014

Four Years.

Oh what sweet bliss we felt every day, our hearts beating as one, our minds knowing each thought in the other persons mind
Talking without words listening to what the heart is speaking finding in each other the soul that had been so hard too find
For four years we loved laughed invited each other too share each others dreams and life was so sublime
A bit of heaven here on Earth with heights so high that I swear we reached the stars and turned back time
Young at heart we two did wonder throughout this land in perfect splendor singing our songs and saying ain’t love fine.
by Lynda Hartley 2014

Two weeks away.
My heart cries with tears of pain and sorrow
For two whole weeks I have drifted alone but alas upon tomorrow
We join again too share our love with no more pain or sorrow

We thought it wise too spend time apart on this vacation, a time too heal,
A time too work and a time too feel a time too borrow

I am stronger now my aches and pains have left me the wiser for the sorrow
We lived, laughed but alas counted the days until tomorrow

Forgive me love for I will never again upon this path decide too borrow
My heart was with you always but the mind grew faint with each passing day
We spent apart I never new such pain and sorrow.

by Lynda Hartley 2014

In love’s immortal flesh.

In love’s immortal flesh I find no comfort there
For it is empty words and lies that hide inside the vacant eyes that stare
The flesh and it’s quest for lust is not of the heart that wants to care
Oh heart do not give yourself so fast to the one’s who may ask, as you
Will find only greed, harm, lust, and dis pare

But in love’s immortal spirit I find great joy and comfort everywhere
The thrill of a heart that beats for two and finds itself vibrating to each other’s
spirit goes beyond words and flesh and there is nothing that can compare

Seek the heart that knows the spirit well, the unseen and the seen inside does Dwell, a heart that is true, kind and open is what does a person well
Think of the one’s who give too soon, and in that they lay their heart to ruin
Hold fast to your love and in the twinkling of an eye you will have a story to Tell, for they wait till you are ready and then they will descend this spirit of love
That dwells within evey heart and is called the Kingdom within.

by Lynda Hartley  Aug. 26, 2012

A trip away.

I groan, I moan, on this forth day August morn
To have you gone is so hard and my heart is torn
I hunger and wait till you come to me again
My sweet on this hot August morn

To feel you, to touch you to embrace our love
Once more is all that I wait for and I have to shove
Back the tears as I wait for one more day my love
To see you again to feel you again, to embrace you again is
All that my heart can hold and my thoughts fly like a dove
To meet you, to greet you in the night we embrace
We hold each other tight and we kiss good night till
Morn of the day you come home my love.

by Lynda Hartley  2012

“Time” spoken by Sir Laurence Olivier.”

“(It’s Very Simple.)”
Throughout the Universe there is order.
in the movement of the planets……
in nature….. and in the functioning of the human mind.

A mind that is in its natural state of order is in harmony with the Universe, and such a mind is TIMELESS.

Your LIFE is an expression of your mind.
you are a creator of your own Universe,
for as a human being you are “free to will” whatever state of being you desire
through the use of your thoughts and words.

There is great Power there.
it can be a blessing or a curse.
it’s entirely up to you, for the quality of your life is brought about by the
equality of your thinking.
Think about that. Thoughts produce actions. Look at what you are thinking.

See the pettiness and the envy, and the greed and the fear, and all the other attitudes that cause you pain and discomfort.

Realize that the one thing you have absolute control over is your attitude.

See the effect that it has on those around you, for each life is linked to all life and your words carry with them chain reactions like a stone, that is thrown into a pond.

If your thinking is in order, your words will flow directly from the heart, crating ripples of love.

If you truly want to change your world, my friends, you must change your thinking.

Reason is your greatest tool.  It creates an atmosphere of understanding which leads to caring which is Love.  Choose your words with care.  Go forth……
with Love. ”

by Sir Laurence Olivier.

  In My Darkest Hours.

In my darkest hour you saved me as I surly was dead

You got inside my heart and my head now I live for you and you alone as we

Are one now and I am no longer afraid

Your smile captured me your heart you gave to me our souls intertwine

And radiate love out into the world of dread

You fill my every need and give me space to lay my head.

by Lynda Hartley  2012 


Across the sea.                                                                                                             


Lynda at 59.

Across the sea where your body is hidden from me
I find comfort in your spirit that thrills me

So far away but yet so near our hearts  beating as one will Always be

Hurry home my love to these arms so true so you can Excite me
I am with you always no matter where it is you be.

by Lynda Hartley  2012

Love is but a spark.

The fire within.

Love is but a spark that ignites the soul in me

It starts a fire deep within that only you can put out and save me

The light in your face is bright and beautiful and the spark in your eyes excite me

I find that your soul and mine enter-twine and create a love so Divine and that delights me

Yes, love is but a spark, that burns, and churns, a hunger within, that only you can bring to me

Without your love I weather and die, an ember that has lost the will to live and that scares me

Two hearts beat as one, two minds think as one, two souls join as one and this empowers me

The spark of love that you share with me, glows bright and strong and satisfies me

Love is but a spark that creates a fire that burns in my soul and heart and only you can put out

And this thrills me.

Love is but a spark and without it I am dead, for I only live for love,  and you give it to me.

By Lynda Hartley   2011

I Sang A Song


Your Angel Is Home Again.

I sang a song you heard me and found me again

You promised you would and now our life can begin

From far away and a long time ago,  we parted you had to sing again

Time was slow but the years went fast and alas here we are  in our

Golden years and you found a way back in

I sang a song you heard me and found me again.
I couldn’t go with you I had to wait, to be born again
Into this new world to live a life not yet our own
But you searched and searched and found a way back in
To my heart through a song, now we can begin.
I sang a song you heard me and found me again.

By Lynda Hartley  2011

Change your words and change your world.  

Words can mean so much.

I can’t into I can
Will make a big difference in your life span

I won’t into I will
Can make even the hardest hearts stand still

I don’t understand into I do
Will give new hope to you

I hate into I love
Will bring new joy from above

Don’t bother me into I can help
Will send a message of great wealth

I won’t forgive into I can forgive
Gives one a longer time to live

So change your world by changing your words
And a whole new world will be yours to live.

By Lynda Hartley 2011

My Love

My love I give you my heart.

My love I stand before you humbled in your brilliant shine
I never meant to hurt you or to complain or whine
I love every part of you from the top of your head
Clear down to your toes and again right up your spine

My love I give you my heart to hold in your tender hands
To trust that you will not break it or never forget where it stands
To always keep it close to your own heart and keep it warm with
Your love and always try to understand

My love, I give to the very best part of me, my soul and my tender love
To wear it always like a form fitting tiny glove
In your hands I know it is safe as you look at it from time to time
Remember to never ever give it a big ole shove.

My love I will do the same with your heart as the two become one
We will sail into tomorrow land with wings that can never be undone
For in our hearts we love, give, trust, respect and will for ever be as one.
By Lynda Hartley


Alone I wonder through this land
Alone I stand before you
And sometimes want you to take my hand
Alone I make a choice to stay
And alone I may go away
Alone I come into the world
Because no one could fit beside me
Alone I must leave this world
Because no one can go with me
Alone I meet my maker
And tell him of all the wonderful people
Who I left behind that guided me during
The times they thought I was alone.

by Lynda Hartley


The Kiss

Come walk beside me my love.

I will walk beside you every step of the way

Not in front of you nor behind you

By your side to walk you through the day

I will cry with you when you’re sad

I will laugh with you when you are glad

And I will be there to nudge you if you think
You have been bad, so look in the mirror at the
Tear I shed for you, because you are me
My friend.

by Lynda Hartley


Oh sun you show no mercy in your heat

You burn all without defeat
Your rays are deadly now
Where once they warmed the man behind the plow
We have to hide behind hats and cream
Where once we laid out on lawns of green
Is this what the new age will bring

Sun to Mmoon

My Day has turned to Night

Will man be able to fix the hole

That he put there so long ago

Or will you continue to burn

Until we parish behind your heat

Oh sun can man repair the gap up in the air

With man made patches of substance that hold you at bay

Or are we doomed to a life at night under the moon

And the day to fade away

by Lynda Hartley.


In my youth my world was dark
No time for light I did not see
That the dark was just inside of me
To busy with work the kids and my life
To worry about light coming into my heart
I thought I knew well what was on the agenda
Work harder make money just so I can spend it
Well I was wrong I missed quite a lot
The kids first tooth and the first step they took


The light of a child

No memories have I of the light that they were making

Until I got older and saw the toll taken

All is not lost as you might be thinking for now I have

Light in my life don’t you know it shines everyday

from the grand children’s glow and the

Laughter they are making.

by Lynda Hartley

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