Angel Messages And More.


The first of many writings that I will do over the course of this blog, so please keep watch as I only write when I feel inspired to do so. I may write for hours, or only for a few minutes. I may write every day, or, may not write for weeks. I do hope you will enjoy what ever it is I write, as it truly will come from my heart, or thoughts, or something I have seen or heard. Most all of the writings I do are channeled from a higher source then my own, I write, they inspire my words. All writings on this page will be by Lynda Hartley unless otherwise stated, I will not put in a quote or saying without giving full credit to the Author.

Thank you.

Today’s Message

Children of Earth, It saddens us too look down and see all the confusion that is wide spread on Earth today. Life was meant too be simple, fun, and enjoyable. You have turned away from the great teachings of old, wherein you live simply, lifting each other up in life, giving help where needed, and receiving help when needed. There are those among you who believe themselves too be the elite, children they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, do not be fooled by them. They have no desire too help you, only themselves be weary for they will deceive you, then turn their back on you too better themselves. Be steadfast in your belief’s search for truth at every turn, do not take anyone’s word for truth until you have checked it out too the fullest. You are coming to a time when truth will be very hard too find, be careful who you trust.

by Lynda Hartley. et. el. 2016.

Today’s Message

Children of Earth, I beseech you to hold fast to your love, for love is a matter of a spiritual nature, it brings two hearts together as one, and joins each to each others’ spirits, this love is very hard to find, as most are afraid to give their hearts away, and find joy once more in the thrill of true Ecstasies, it is not a matter of words, as words can be deceiving, but the true heart knows, and can not be lied too, as you will feel all the emotions of the other heart, and in this know that a heart is true or not. The love that comes from words is blind, in that it can not feel the other, it can not read the mind or the heart, as it is words only that they share, we ask that you seek out true love and do not settle for less, true love does not seek self fulfillment, it does not seek to hurt the other, it does not put the other down, or seek to possess it, as true love is that of God and is unconditional, as in a special friendship, you seek to build the other up, to lift them higher then the self, and to care, honor, respect, and forgive.

by Lynda Hartley. et. el. Aug. 26, 2012

Today’s Message

Take time for yourself, remember you are 100% responsible for your own happiness always.  Do not blame others for your own short comings, always look inside to see the truth looking back at you. Do not sell yourself short, take full responsibility for your actions, this then will make for a more fuller and happier life. Be brave, step out from the crowed, stand up for yourself and do it your way.

by Lynda Hartley    2011..

First message of many to come I hope.

Today’s message.

Children of Earth it is time to return to the within, look deep into your soul and find the kingdom that lives within each and everyone of you. Put away your petty differences, as to be the spirit that you truly are, is to have no color, race, land, or earthly domain. Those things are only borrowed for but a short period of time, we are all one in spirit a beautiful golden light that radiates love and understanding, unconditional love is to be given to all.

Help your neighbor along the way, give of yourself to those in need of help, volunteer your services when ever possible, care for the weak, lend money to those in need without expectations and without conditions, care for the sick and pray for them to be healed. Even if it is only a small amount of time, service, money, or care, it is something and will come back to you 10 fold.

Learn to Love yourself first and foremost, for if you say you love others’ and do not love yourself then this is a lie. To say you love God and not yourself or your neighbor’s is also a lie, for you can not love anyone without first loving yourself.

Know who you truly are, a spiritual being having a Earthly experience, a learning time for each individual, to evolve in the the spirit and realize that you can right now be in the spirit, and do many things, there is no limitation in the spirit, give yourselves permission to let your spirit shine through and bring you into the bright shining being that you are. 

Let go of your false pride, it is OK to be proud of your works, but false pride comes from not being able to reach out and ask for the help, you need to grow and to become stable again after a fall. We all fall, it is in the how you rise up again that counts. Trying to do so on your own without the help of others’ is being prideful and will only lead to another down fall.

Ask for the things you need from life, it never hurts to ask and learn to accept a NO when you do get one, there is a reason for the NO that you may not understand at the moment. But, realize the help will come as it is needed in the time frame that it needs to be given. Cultivate patience and faith in the seen and the unseen always.  For it is in this willingness that all things come to you when you understand that life is Just, and will meet your every need, but not always your every want.

You have to be willing to act on your request, you can not just sit and expect life to hand you every little thing that you desire, you must act, on hunches, gut feelings, thoughts that come into your head of a positive nature.  

What ever place in life you are right now, STOP and consider what it is that is holding you back, do you feel you’re not old enough, too fat,  too skinny, not good enough, not educated enough, not pretty enough, or too old etc..  Stop now and realize that you are the embodiment of spirit and are meant to radiate love and goodness to yourself and have within yourself the power to change it all.

Look at your body as only a vehicle that holds the beautiful being that you really are, it is a learning thing, that you yourself chose to learn, and you yourself can change it at will. Dare to make changes, dare to stand up and be counted among the best, you are you know.  If you have disabilities, or scars, or any one thing that your body has endured, know that it too, is a learning experience and needs to be looked at as such, do the best you can with it. Learn from it, teach what you know about it, give others’ a chance to learn from you. If  for some reason you get knocked down in life, then pick yourself up dust your self off and start again by learning  from the mistakes that brought you too where you are right now. We are here to learn, too blossom, to remember who we truly are.

This Earthy home is but yours for a short time, use it well, learn, act, evolve into your true nature, the spirit within, learn to let your spirit guide you, don’t get all caught up in the material side of life, yes we are to have abundance, but don’t let it rule you, take control of it. Remember the flow of  life and be willing to let go of the things that no longer serve you. 

The Vail is being lifted, you are coming into your own sub-consciousness, learning how to fly in other words. Embrace it, let it happen, it is a beautiful thing.  We dare you to become all that you can become, we expect you to learn to experience life as it should be, without fear, without limitations, and without worries. Live life simply and with conviction, we dare you to dream big, and act on your dreams.

by Lynda Hartley, et al.  2012

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