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Me at 54




I have taken down my song page as I have not been singing, and will no longer pay for something I am not doing.  If you still want too hear some of my songs I have 17 at youtube, at http://www.lyndahartleyus777. Thank you all so much, please keep using this as a jump page to Jon Cotner.

I think it is time I let you know just what has been going on with me.  Starting in December of 2012 I started getting blood clots, after 5 surgeries they also discovered that I had lung cancer, just a small spot on my left lung, I thanked God for the blood clot in my lower arm as this is how they found the cancer, by doing a CT scan before my third surgery.  However, I ended up losing my right arm due to another blood clot that completely blocked off a vein in my neck. So, I have been trying to learn how to use my left hand somewhat for typing, but it is very slow, please forgive me for not getting things done like I used too. I am now done with the radiation, and am hoping for the best ever report upon next CT scan in about three weeks time, will let you all know how it went.  Am still having some problems with my arm, as it is slow healing, and got an infection in it. I really am doing the best I can keeping this blog up and running.  I have enjoyed working on this for the last three years, and will keep it going.  Soon I am going to be changing out the videos in the video library, as I think this is much needed.

I Started this blog for Jon Cotner, to get his CD’s out to the people, however, it seems to have taken a life of it’s own, and has grown by leaps and bounds, I do hope that you enjoy the videos and the music,  and will tell others about this blog. Thank you so much for your visits.  Judit has been the main contributor of Video libraryVol, I and Vol. II. He also contributes to the Elvis library, I thank him for his choice in beautiful music.

I am a 72years young great-grand-mother of 10.  I will also be doing some poetry, words of wisdom and other inspirations.   I will be  listing some of my songs, and some good music and songs from my favorite singers as well as the contributions from other people who have sent me videos they like.  Some good insights and sayings that I find interesting to self awareness. I am an artist, a Metaphysian, and a Numerologist. I write the Words of Wisdom myself, these are insights, feelings, opinions that are mine alone and do not quote other people in them, I am not trying to convince or sway anyone else’s opinions, just my own thoughts and sometimes just the way I feel about life. Sometimes I might add a good quote, or saying that I think is very good wisdom, and will always tell who the author is, or it’s source.
Please enjoy your visit and watch me grow.

If you have an interesting page here or in another place, please feel free to send me a link, I will review them and if I think they pertain to the theme of this blog I will start a link page for others to post their links and get their pages seen.

I want to share my joy with others and give people a little look at my world from 72years of being on this Earth.

If you have a poem that speaks to the heart or pertains to the theme of this blog, by all means send it to me and I will post it, also if you have some good insights or spiritual encounters or words of wisdom, please feel free to send them and I will start a page for others to post on. I will only post the ones that pertain to the theme of this blog, which is of a spiritual nature. Thank you for your interest in my blog and for putting up with having to go to YouTube to watch the videos, I will try and find some that may let me keep them, I do not know at this time where that might be but will look. Please enjoy your visit, as there really is much to see and listen too. Lynda Hartley.

Me In Pictures:

Lynda Hartley

Lynda singing karaoke.

Lynda at 23

Me at 12 years of age

 New entry.

To all the readers of this site, I have been seeing your comments about my spelling and grammer, well, lol, at 65 I don’t think I am going to worry about that too much anymore, so sorry, but what ya see is what ya get, I do try and catch some of it, but that is not what I am doing here, not trying to win a language award. Hahaha. Just putting down thoughts, ideas, gripes, and the lot. Don’t take the time to edit most of it, as most people get what I am trying to say. Thank you for calling it to my attention, I will try and be more careful in the future. Lynda.

New entry:

I would like to share a new and up coming artist in the country field of music, he writes his own songs and sings them beautifully, please enjoy him.

His name is:

Travis Warren

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  1. The theme is called Ocean Mist. you get it here in wordpress. And yes I have built this wonderful site. Hope you enjoy it often.:)


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