Posted by: Hartley | 11/03/2011

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Somehow I managed too erase several videos,  all Elvis gospels, and 1-4 of Elvis volumes. I was trying too protect the videos by removing the share buttons, but somehow removed the whole pages. As you know taking videos too sell is illegal,  this site is for you too sample the music then go to your local music store and buy them, they deserve to be paid for their wonderful talent that we enjoy. Please bare with me I will get them all back up, thank God for the lists. They will help in finding the videos again on youtube.

This page from now on is a landing page. Please find the page at top that you would like to visit then just click on it. I will post news and messages on this page if their are any updates. Thank you very much for your visits. Hartley sings has clickable links, just find the song you want too listen too and click. The lists tell you the names of the songs and what volume they are in, go to the right side panel and find the volume and click for the video.

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